July 17, 2018

Calling All Sistahs July Reminder

We at the Calling All Sistahs Encouragement Squad believe everyone could use some encouragement from time to time. Michele asked the Encouragement Squad to share their stories of why they joined this team, and we will be sharing those stories over the next few months.   This month we have the talented Lori Kobular.  Thank you, Lori for sharing your unique story.

I really love being a member of the Casual Fridays Stamps Encouragement Squad and the reason why is that 38 years ago my Mom and I went out for a bicycle ride and someone hit my mother head on and she broke the tops and bottoms of both of her legs and shattered both her shoulders.  We were told that with all the broken bones she was at a very high risk for blood clots and they weren't sure if my Mom would ever walk again.  

Now they didn't know my Mom very well, she was a stubborn Irish woman and she said I will walk and I will dance again.  Well she was in the hospital for 6 months.  She had many operations and she had to learn to walk again.  But she was determined, but some days were very hard for her and one of the things that kept her going was that she received many, many get well cards.  

She kept every card and even put them in an album years later as a reminder.  My Mom was in a private room and had private duty nurses and they would hang up all the cards that she received.  Her walls were covered with cards!  People would walk by her room and see all the cards and poke their heads in to say "Hi" and to see who was this person that had so many cards.  So between the cards and the people peaking in she felt like a Celebrity and that helped her to keep on going on the rough days.  I think every doctor in the hospital stopped in her room at some point to say hello to her.  

My Mom learned to walk again and even was able to go dancing with my Dad!!  She felt so blessed by all the love and hope from those cards that she became a Volunteer at the hospital to pay the well wishes forward.  So when Michele, the owner of CAS-ual Fridays Stamps started the Encouragement Squad I knew I had to try out for it so I could help to spread hope and well wishes to others who are struggling through some tough times and need some encouragement and this is my way of paying it forward for my Mom!!  
-Lori Kobular

Before we let you go, the Encouragement Squad wants to remind you it's the 17th of the month.  Time to check your breasts and schedule your mammogram if it is due.  You matter!  We don't want you to be the 1 in 8 women that will be diagnosed with cancer, but if you are we want you to catch it as early as possible!  Here are our cards to remind you in a pretty way to check yourself.

Come back tomorrow to join us for a new Encouragement Challenge!


  1. That is an amazing story Lori! I am so glad your mom made it through <3

  2. I love your story Lori!! I am so glad your mother was able to dance with your dad again!!

    1. Thank you Susan! They really loved to go dancing so it was very special that she was able to dance again!