September 17, 2017

Calling All Sistahs September Reminder

You matter!
That's why we show up every single month on the 17th to remind you to check yourself.
It's sooo easy to get caught up with all the things life throws at us and put ourselves off.
5 minutes. Just 5 minutes. Take the time to check yourself!
It very well could save your life.

My Encouragement Squad joins me each month with awesome creations to inspire you. 
I'm so excited to announce we are now 1 more! 
There is this lady who've I had the pleasure of meeting in person, who can light up a room with her energy and positivity. She has the sweetest heart and an infectious smile. Many of you may know her from one of my most favorite facebook groups, Stamp Junkies. I'm so glad she's here now to encourage you to be creative and take care of yourself!

Please give a warm welcome to 

Marci Snee!


  1. Welcome to the team Marci! So glad to have you with us. Amazing creations Sistahs!

  2. Welcome to the Encouragement Squad, Marci!! So happy to have you as part of our team. :)

  3. Welcome to the team, Marci!!!! So glad you've joined us. :)

  4. Welcome to Marci, just love these cards x

  5. Wow! Thanks everyone!! I'm so excited to be here! All the cards are just amazing! I think I'm gonna love it here! LOL

  6. Love it Marci! The black really makes that pink pop!!!

  7. Yay! Love it Marci! Gorgeous cards everyone!

  8. Congratulations and great job Marci! Beautiful cards for a very important lesson for life. Thank you. I am so proud of you Marci!!!! ❤️