June 17, 2018

Calling All Sistahs June Reminder

When it comes to surviving breast cancer, early detection remains the most crucial step, and mammograms are the tools for this step. ~ NBCF.ORG

I started this bloggy crusade in an effort to increase awareness about the importance of early detection. I am so blessed to be joined in this effort by a squad of amazing women. Breast cancer has affected so many of us either personally or through someone we love. I am humbled by all of the encouragement they provide me to keep going with this effort. 
I'm here to remind you as promised to do your monthly self exams and to get your mammogram scheduled if you are due. Don't let it go. Don't give up valuable time you won't be able to retrieve.

I am not the only one with a story to tell. 
In the coming months, you'll be learning the stories of other brave women. 
We hope to keep encouraging you to be healthy and we hope you'll be inspired to share with the important people in your life too. 

Come back tomorrow to join us for a new Encouragement Challenge!

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