January 17, 2018

Calling All Sistahs January Reminder Post

Hey Sistahs!!  It's the 17th of the month and we are here with your reminder...
Girls...you better check yourself!!

A new year invites new resolutions and for some, new words of the year. 
If I had to choose a word it would be PERSPECTIVE.
For me perspective means being able to see the whole picture from different views to have a clear understanding. I mean, let's face it, things are not always as they seem.
For instance, the thought of a cancer diagnosis is for lots of peeps, the worst thing they can imagine. 
It does suck! Not going to sugar coat it for you, it sucks big time!!
But I have to tell you a little story:

When I was first diagnosed and waiting for the results of my BRCA gene test, I had a lot of time on my hands. It takes weeks to get the results and the those results can greatly reduce your treatment choices. I reallllly wanted those choices so waiting was hard and the time passed too slowly for my liking! For anyone currently going through it, I feel you!! Just buckle down and breathe, this too shall pass.
To pass some of my down time (cuz I do have this little business to run *wink*) I watched movies. 
I'm a huge fan of chick flicks and I searched out all the movies I'd wanted to see but never had the time to sit down and watch. One of those movies was Still Alice
That movie rocked my world and changed my perspective!!
I don't want to spoil it for any of you who haven't seen it yet, but it's about a brilliant, intelligent, successful, happy woman who finds out she has early onset Alzheimer's.
It's heartbreaking! It completely wrecked me!! I was so moved by the movie that I went out and got the book which was even better and broke me even more.
This movie put me in fight mode. It gave me the perspective I needed to "minimize" my situation. 
Now, I'm hesitant to say minimize a cancer diagnosis, but what I mean by that is I realized there are worse things than what I was going through! I was in a situation that I could fight and win!
You can't beat Alzheimer's. You can try to be strong, you can think you're going to fight it, but there is no cure. You can't win. At least not yet.
My heart breaks for anyone who has this in their life. I can only humbly say I'm so sorry.
Besides something happening to my children, it is the scariest thing to me...forgetting all your memories and everyone you hold dear, losing yourself, and still existing until you don't. 
So, PERSPECTIVE: breast cancer...curable. Alzheimer's...not.
Doesn't even begin to compare.
Was it going to suck? yes.
Was it going to be hard? probably.
Did I want to do it? no.
Did I have at least a chance of winning? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A little dose of perspective can be a game changer. It can totally change how you view a situation, and how you feel about it. 
Cancer sucks. It just does.
It's a vicious, ugly, terrorist.
But it's beatable!
You. Can. Beat. It!!
Early detection is a huuuuuuge advantage. GIVE that to yourself. 
Do your checks each month. We'll remind you!
Be diligent about your doctors appointments and mammograms. Yes, they are a pain in the butt but it's a really little thing to do for yourself. 
And if you have to go through it, KNOW in your heart you can beat it!!
Hold onto that.

I have an amazing posse of Sistahs who join me here each month to create inspirational reminder projects to inspire you! Our hope is to get you to act!
Check yourself. Remind your Sistahs. And then get your craft on!

Come back tomorrow to join us for a new Encouragement Challenge and a special announcement!


  1. Question for Penny Ward: may I post your beautiful card on my Facebook page?
    Thanks all for these gorgeous cards.

  2. I am so pleased you liked my creation. Yes you may post on your Facebook page, but please link back to this post so Calling All Sistahs gets credit. Cyber hugs, :)

  3. Thank you, Michele, for putting it all into perspective! Great job Encouragement Squad!

  4. You’re a trooper Michele! Thanks for sharing, miss you my friend!

  5. Wonderful reminder for anyone going through anything! Beautiful inspiration from all!

  6. Beautiful cards ladies. Thanks for your story/words, it even makes a somewhat negative (glass is half empty) person like me think about things.